To find solutions for New York’s public housing crisis, CHPC has looked to other cities to show that change is possible.

CHPC identified three principles that have enabled the transformation of England’s public housing stock:

  1. A Decent Homes Standard was created, and local councils are required to meet the standard.
  2. -The expertise of residents is paired with the resources of the affordable housing industry.
  3. A menu of different options provides residents and local councils the ability to decide how to reach the Decent Homes Standard.

The report concludes with an overview of primary source documents, providing an in-depth resource for practitioners who want to dive deeper into the specific tools used in the regeneration of England’s public housing. All of the documents (including minutes from meetings with residents, a procurement timeline and a confidentiality agreement) can be downloaded from CHPC’s Resident Engagement Toolkit below!

Many thanks to our generous funder for this project:

Download primary source documents!
All documents highlighted at the end of the report can be downloaded from the toolkit below.


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