Learn all about Private Activity Bonds in just 7 minutes in our simple explainer video. The video offers a basic introduction to how tax-exempt private activity bonds work and what is the volume cap. The lesson is applicable nationwide, but we also focus on the particulars of New York State.

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Pump Up the Volume

Over 49,000 units of affordable housing have been financed in New York City using tax-exempt private activity bonds (PABs) in the past nine years, and this resource will continue to be an important component for Mayor de Blasio’s Housing Plan to be a success.

However, while information on other City, State and Federal housing resources is readily available, there is limited publicly available information on the allocation, demand and use of PABs in New York State.

Pump Up The Volume research study analyzes private activity bonds allocation and makes recommendations on how to improve the process to advance New York City’s housing needs.