Combating climate change is a global imperative, but the consequences of inaction are felt acutely
right here at home.

New York City confronts more extreme weather every year. Extreme weather events like Hurricane Sandy, which claimed the lives of 43 New Yorkers and inundated nearly 90,000 buildings containing 300,000 households, are projected to strike with greater frequency.

A housing plan that centers around green building principles could accelerate the city’s efforts to combat climate change.

Measuring the success of a housing plan in terms of environmental justice, efficient use of resources, and sustainability would produce a safer, healthier, and more resilient New York.




A Green Housing Plan is part of A New Lens for NYC’s Housing Plan, CHPC’s research and education initiative to explore how New York City’s next housing plan could have a broader impact beyond counting units. The next housing plan provides an opportunity for communities and policymakers to widen the discussion, articulate new metrics, and develop a shared vision of housing policy for the city.

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