In 2007, the Department of City Planning rejected the application of an owner of an Upper East Side townhouse to convert his basement into a garage with a curb cut. The applicant sued, contesting the usage of the term “development” when his townhouse was, in fact, an existing building. The State Supreme Court agreed and this decision prompted City Planning to rethink the definition and the usage of both of these incredibly important terms.

The CHPC Zoning Committee was one of the few organizations who were asked to review hundreds of pages of altered Zoning Resolution text throughout Spring and Summer 2010. We strove to identify errors, oversights, and lack of clarity in the language, and to highlight any unintended consequences that we believed may occur from the changes.

After a six month process, CHPC testified in front of the City Planning Commission in support of this extensive and complicated text amendment.

Read CHPC’s letter of support below.

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CHPC's Zoning Committee, December 15, 2010