We want our research to be useful to policy-makers to help them shape New York City housing and neighborhoods. Here are some examples of how our work impacts policy.


CHPC Testimony on ZQA

CHPC has been instrumental in carefully studying the Zoning for Quality and Affordability text and suggesting important changes aimed at optimizing the building envelope and rules that dictate the designing of the floor space. The updates incorporated such suggestions and provided flexibility on other aspects of the building envelope such as lot coverage, setbacks, base heights, parking requirements, and more.

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CHPC Testifies at City Council Hearing on Sandy Recovery

CHPC conducted a research regarding the ongoing effects of Sandy on housing citywide – namely the increased rates of foreclosure filings and sales of homes at prices well below the median of their borough. In the study CHPC suggested policy reforms that would help return residents to their homes and rebuild affected neighborhoods.

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Steering the New Course: Policy Ideas for the New Administration

CHPC felt it was extremely important to set out suggestions and priorities for housing and land use policy based on our work over recent years. We aim to be a resource for decision-makers inside and outside of government to understand the most pressing issues and think through the real impact of policy. We found five key challenges: the growing city, the hidden city, the city of aging buildings, the city of neighborhoods, and the damaged city.

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CHPC Testifies in Favor of Flood Resilience Zoning Text Amendment

CHPC supported the text changes made by the Department of City Planning to introduce measures for flood prevention methods pre-dating the Hurricane Sandy. CHPC suggested further steps were suggested to make the homes safer for not just the primary residents but even the ones occupying the basements or Accessory Dwelling Units.

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CHPC Testifies in Favor of HPD adAPT Application

CHPC was encouraged by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development’s innovative AdAPT RFP which provided regulatory relief that would allow small units and greater density which attracted worldwide interest and tapped into the unmet need for housing for single people - an increasing number of which are reflected in our demography. Providing for this need will help eradicate the informal housing market and provide more housing choice for all New Yorkers.

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Flood Resilience Zoning Text Amendment Testimony

The Zoning Committee of CHPC reviewed the proposed text submitted by the Department of City Planning and offered suggestions in response to an early draft that were subsequently adopted. In particular, CHPC was pleased that owners and developers were encouraged to move electrical rooms above the Flood-Resistant Construction Elevation by having such space be deducted from floor area and that the DCP addressed the accessibility challenges presented by buildings which are raised significantly above freeboard.

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CHPC Testifies in Favor of adAPT

Mayor’s adAPT plan legalizes micro-unit apartments that allow individuals to live in appropriately sized apartments. CHPC made a testimony applauding a step in the right direction, a topic that CHPC itself was trying to advocate through its Making Room research, to provide for the housing units that were designed keeping in mind, the actual need of the demography in NYC.

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Manhattan Core Parking Testimony

CHPC Zoning Committee is particularly grateful for the eradication of references to minimum parking requirements for certain forms of affordable housing. The high costs of building structured parking cannot be easily passed on to the residents of affordable units, therefore minimum requirements act as a financial burden on affordable and mixed income buildings. Hence, CHPC commended the Department of City Planning for their diligent and extensive consultation process on these revisions.

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CHPC Testifies at Public Hearing on Seward Park Mixed-Use Development Area

CHPC testified that the Seward-Park Mixed-use Development Project was a great move toward revitalizing the neighborhood by encouraging a mix of commercial, retail, residential and community spaces. With a few recommendations to engender an ‘appropriate’ mix as per the need, CHPC applauded the mission.

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