Thank you for helping us reach our annual appeal goal for 2018! Because of your support, we’re ready to take on some of housing’s toughest policy questions this year. Important questions like:

  • How can we ensure that community facilities and retail in new affordable buildings meet neighborhood needs?
  • What innovations will help make basement apartments safer and more habitable?
  • In what ways can housing policy improve the health of New Yorkers?
  • How should we regulate new shared and co-housing models?
  • What improvements to the zoning code can help build a better city?
  • What new metrics should we be using to assess the success of our housing policy?
  • How can we help NYCHA fulfill its promise to New Yorkers?

By supporting CHPC, you supported independent, innovative research that begins with pertinent questions and leads to fundamental change so that our housing stock better meets the needs of the population. We’re so excited to get to work!