CHPC has been a leading voice in discussions surrounding the ongoing process to rezone SoHo/NoHo. Although the lower Manhattan neighborhood was once a haven of opportunity and affordability for low-income New Yorkers and struggling artists, it has since transformed into one of the most expensive districts in the country, characterized by luxury retail and high-end fashion. Updating SoHo/NoHo’s outdated and exclusionary zoning is a crucial first step towards a more equitable development framework for New York City. 

Last year, CHPC was one of numerous policy organizations and advocates that urged the City of New York to advance the rezoning before it would be too late to complete the process within the remainder of the mayoral term. As a result of these efforts, early stages of the rezoning process are now underway.

CHPC has since provided testimony on the Draft Scope of Work to ensure that opportunities for affordable housing development are maximized under the land use changes, and will continue to provide data and expertise throughout the process to shape its impacts. 


Read the CHPC issue brief from September 2020 explaining why rezoning SoHo/NoHo is such an important legacy, and urging the City to take action before it is too late.  

Comments on Draft Scope

CHPC provided testimony and written comments on the SoHo/NoHo rezoning Draft Scope of Work.

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The Final Countdown

Rezoning SoHo/NoHo is one 5 housing policies recommended by CHPC to end the mayoral administration with progress & results. 

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City Limits OpEd

CHPC Executive Director authored “The Window is Closing to Rezone for a More Equitable SoHo,” which appeared in City Limits.

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Where We Live NYC

Rezoning SoHo/NoHo is a key strategy for equitable development identified in Where We Live, the City’s plan to affirmatively further fair housing.

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