The New York City Department of City Planning (DCP) held a March 25 public scoping meeting, to consider what matters should be covered in an Environment Impact Statement a preliminary step to enact Mayor Bill de Blasios citywide rezoning proposal, known as Zoning for Quality and Affordability.

Concerned that such changes would drastically overhaul regulations on the height, size and shape of new residential developments, more than 100 people attended the public scoping meeting to comment. Critics including members of Community Board 4 told DCP officials that the process was moving too fast, neglected neighborhood nuance, and could jeopardize their efforts to balance development with neighborhood character and needs.

The current rules on zoning came into effect in 1987. Changes are needed in order to meet the demands of Mayor Bill de Blasios affordable housing push, according to representatives of the Citizens Housing and Planning Council (CHPC), who presented their own research to the CLU on March 16. The non-profit group represents the perspectives of a board including nearly 100 architects, developers and lawyers.

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