Join CHPC on Thursday, May 23rd to learn about the Public Housing Revolution in the UK, where both the affordable housing industry and public housing residents were given elevated roles to help housing authorities improve the public housing conditions – with remarkable results. At CHPC’s event, you’ll hear from an affordable housing owner/operator about the different ways they have played a part in these improvements. A tenant organizer and a public housing resident will give us their insight on how they are ensuring that the changes are responsive to resident needs. In the UK:


  • There was even more public housing than in NYC. By 1979, 30% of all households in London were living in public housing.
  • Public Housing conditions were drastically improved after regeneration
  • A menu of options was possible, not one-size-fits-all
  • Tenants were at the core of the decision making process
  • Housing Authorities are now positioned to be strategic and asset management entities


Despite London’s larger scale and arguably worse conditions, a sustained effort has increased the quality of public housing in the UK. Public housing developments were regenerated via a menu of options. Social Landlords have a clear and transparent incentive to provide good management services. Tenants were at the center of the decision-making process. Change is possible!