NOW OPEN! Based on our flagship research project, we have worked with the National Building Museum in Washington DC – and in partnership with Resource Furniture and Clei – to launch the national exhibition, Making Room: Housing for a Changing America. 

The national Making Room exhibition is a rallying cry for a wider menu of housing options. It showcases how architects, policymakers, developers, planners, and the general public can use design as an integral tool to meet housing needs. Presented with Resource Furniture and Clei, the exhibition’s centerpiece is a fully rendered 1,000-square-foot home designed by Italian architect Pierluigi Colombo/Clei and installed directly in the exhibition’s galleries for visitors to experience and explore. Featuring a hyper-efficient layout, smart technologies, movable walls, and multifunctional furniture, the Open House demonstrates how a flexible space can meet the needs of a variety of today’s fastest-growing and underserved households. To showcase how this flexible space can adapt to seamlessly accommodate three entirely different living arrangements—roommates, an extended family, and a retired couple—the interior furnishings will be changed twice during the exhibition’s run. The roommates scenario will be displayed at the exhibition’s opening.

You can experience a virtual walk-through of the Open House here:

In addition to the Open House, the exhibition highlights cutting-edge projects that housing entrepreneurs (architects, designers, housing advocates and policy-makers) are taking to expand our housing options, including: micro-apartments; shared housing; accessory dwelling units; tiny houses and cohousing.

The exhibition runs from NOVEMBER 18, 2017–SEPTEMBER 16, 2018. The National Building Museum is located at 401 F St NW, Washington, DC 20001.