Making Neighborhoods Research Assistant

The project

Making Neighborhoods is an initiative of the Citizens Housing & Planning Council (CHPC) to rethink how we approach New York City neighborhoods. Making Neighborhoods measures change by using demographic information—rather than arbitrary, government-drawn boundaries—to define neighborhoods. The project launched in November 2014 with the release of an interactive map (available at and accompanying research paper and policy brief. Since then, CHPC has presented Making Neighborhoods to policymakers and practitioners in government, the real estate industry, and other nonprofit research groups.

CHPC is taking Making Neighborhoods to “Phase 2” and expanding the study area to cover the entire New York City metropolitan region. This will allow us to answer questions about what is happening beyond the city limits—providing a fuller understanding of the dynamics of the housing market as it crosses formal boundary lines. For more about the project, go to

The Research Assistant position

This is a contract position for the purpose of assisting our primary researcher in replicating the Making Neighborhoods methodology for the New York metro region. The Research Assistant will be credited as a co-author of the resulting written report. Tasks include the following:

  • Data downloads, cleaning, and massaging
  • Testing and refining the Making Neighborhoods data model
  • Descriptive statistical analysis using SAS or Stata
  • Assisting the conducting of cluster analysis using SAS (using existing model and programs) under the guidance of the primary researcher
  • Preparation of data for GIS mapping
  • Participate in twice-monthly status meetings
  • Attend public events for project launch, promotion, etc.

The project is scheduled to begin immediately and be completed and released by October 2016.

Required skills

  • Experience working with data
  • Experience with statistical analysis
  • Fluency in SAS. Knowledge of Stata is a plus, but not necessary

To apply, send a resume and cover letter detailing your fit for this position to CHPC Senior Policy Analyst Neil Reilly at Only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

About CHPC: Citizens Housing & Planning Council is a nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to housing policy and urban planning in New York City since 1937. We are a Council of leading professionals from every industry involved in shaping the residential built environment. We work together to advance practical public policies by better understanding New York City’s most pressing housing and neighborhood needs.