New York City’s lower-density neighborhoods have become increasingly diverse in recent decades and they’re in need of more housing options to reflect that, according to a new survey from the Citizens Housing & Planning Council.

The organization polled 805 residentsof lower-density zoning districts, finding about half of respondents were renters; 74 percent were concerned about whether they can afford to stay in their homes; and respondents were more likely to live in shared housing arrangements. Over the last two decades, the report noted, low-density districts have gone from being more white than the rest of the city to less white.

“These neighborhoods are not old-style Levittowns, populated by white, single-family homeowners and nuclear families with unchanging needs,” the organization wrote. Rather, they’re “dynamic, diverse communities, now straining against the limits that have been imposed on their housing.”

“People end up wedging themselves into whatever housing is available,” said Howard Slatkin, executive director of the organization.

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