NYC must support the LGBTQ+ New Yorkers who have found community in our city for decades.

New York must develop more safe and affordable housing, while preserving LGBTQ+ enclaves in neighborhoods where LGBTQ+ people can find safety in numbers, access to affirming social services, and a sense of community.

There is a story about LGBTQ+ communities in New York City. The story is that LGBTQ+ people – typically gay, White, cisgender men – moved into low-income neighborhoods, rehabilitated the housing stock, and drove gentrification. This is misleading, and speaks to the importance and complexity of rethinking housing affordability as it pertains to LGBTQ+ people. Though of course there are wealthy LGBTQ+ people living in New York, the city owes its primacy as a world destination for LGBTQ+ activism, culture, and history largely to low-income communities.

In addition to the well-known neighborhood enclaves in Chelsea and the West Village, there are thriving LGBTQ+ communities all over New York City’s five boroughs. It is not that these neighborhoods are wholly affordable, or even entirely safe, for LGBTQ+ people. Rather, these neighborhoods have allowed LGBTQ+ people to find some affordable housing and build community with one another in a concentrated geographic location. 

LGBTQ+ Housing Policy is part of A New Lens for NYC’s Housing Plan, CHPC’s research and education initiative to explore how New York City’s next housing plan could have a broader impact beyond counting units. The next housing plan provides an opportunity for communities and policymakers to widen the discussion, articulate new metrics, and develop a shared vision of housing policy for the city.

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