New York City public housing administrators say they have full confidence in a private company tapped to manage a pair of developments after the firm was fired from another Brooklyn complex late last year. While local elected officials criticized what they said was a lack of transparency around the decision to fire Pinnacle, several supporters of the privatization program argued the move shows underperforming companies can be terminated.

Howard Slatkin, executive director of the nonprofit Citizens Housing and Planning Council, said he didn’t know the specifics of the breakdown between Pinnacle and Pennrose, but added that the ability to sever ties with a company is an important accountability measure.

“One of the features of PACT is that there’s a responsiveness that’s possible in property management because an underperforming property manager can be replaced,” Slatkin said. “The ultimate clients in PACT are the NYCHA residents, and at the end of day the results have to be improved conditions for NYCHA tenants.”

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