CHPC is excited to announce the release of Inside the Rent v.2, a revamped version of our game that shows the cost of building new rental housing in New York City. Since its release last June Inside the Rent has attracted over 15,000 views and extensive media coverage. We have also received useful feedback that we have used to improve the game in this new version.

In addition to getting a design make-over, the game has been optimized for display on tablets as well as desktops and mobile phones. Players will also find the new version easier to navigate thanks to the addition of a back button and will be able to explore different subsidy options more easily. The updated version also does away with the info button and presents all information in the main screen so that it cannot be missed.

As far as content, the new version incorporates an additional layer of complexity to the game by offering the possibility of cross-subsidizing apartments. This new option will allow the player to raise the rent in some apartments in order to meet the target rent in others. Cross-subsidies are common in developments in New York and players will now be able to see how they operate in practice.

Players can read the Assumptions and Methodology page to understand the calculations used in Inside the Rent.