It isn’t “SimCity” or “Spore.” But today, the Citizens Housing & Planning Council launched Inside the Rent, a game (or simulation, as we would describe it) that aims to educate players about the challenges, from the costs of construction to what rents to change, involved with developing a new apartment building. Players begin by selecting a neighborhood for their building. The game currently offers 14 options including Morrisania in the Bronx, Bed-Stuy, Long Island City, and the Lower East Side.

After you choose your neighborhood, the game asks you to set the rent for a two-bedroom apartment in your upcoming building. Throughout the game, your rental price will be compared to the costs (per tenant) you’ve accrued because of the various choices you make regarding the development of your building, including the neighborhood selection. (Choosing to build in Williamsburg, for instance, bumps you up to a cost of $1,817 per tenant!) Other questions that you’re asked include whether your building is a mid-or high-rise, the types of amenities (a choice between “basic” or “extra”), and whether or not you pay pr

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