We send our deepest congratulations to our friends and colleagues with new pivotal roles in the De Blasio administration:

Alicia Glen, Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development

For the staff and board of directors of CHPC, Alicia Glen’s appointment as Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development …is bittersweet.

Sadly, it means we lose a valued board member who served as chair of our subcommittee on Rethinking Public Housing, contributed to our ongoing work evaluating the use of private activity bonds (final report expected in March 2014), and was our first recipient of the Impact Award for Community Investment award on behalf of Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group.

The good news is that her appointment recognizes the considerable talent and skills that Alicia will bring to the job, and provides an opportunity for her to apply them to create housing and jobs throughout the City of New York.

We will miss her as a board member – but are very excited to welcome her as our keynote speaker at our Annual Luncheon on April 30th 2014!

Vicki Been, Commissioner of the Department of Housing Preservation & Development

CHPC has relied on Vicki’s clear analysis and thoughtful work to shed light on issues from zoning changes to the transfer of development rights to the conditions in our neighborhoods. She has been a valued friend and colleague who has provided key advice and feedback on our work which has always improved our final product. From Making Room to our current work on examining the impact of our contextual zoning, Vicki has been generous sharing her insights and extensive knowledge of NYC’s development landscape and land use planning.

We know as Commissioner of HPD she will be focused full-time on that obligation. We will miss asking her to read our drafts, and talk about ideas for further work – but we could not be more excited to see her turn her amazing insights and creativity towards reshaping housing policy in NYC.

Shola Olatoye, Chair of the New York City Housing Authority

Becoming the Chair of the largest public housing authority in the U.S., and one that is home to over ½ million New Yorkers, is an honor and challenge that only a few public servants have attained. While Shola’s biography has been written about in many venues since her appointment to this post by Mayor deBlasio – we at CHPC know her work well. She has been an active supporter of our work and an important voice in tackling key issues from the cost of construction to focusing on neighborhoods in need to bringing cutting edge green technology to affordable housing. In whatever position she has held, she has brought her special insight and commitment to those most in need.

Her appointment is no surprise to those of us who remember Shola at the beginning of her career as a Fellow at HPD. She embraced complex issues with commitment and creativity, focused on the difficult task at hand, saw the connection of her work to the lives of people we were trying to improve, and provided new insights that helped to move a strategy forward.

While she has grown considerably in her experiences since that time, her core commitment to helping those most in need has remained.

She is an amazing choice to take on the challenges ahead at the NYC Public Housing Authority.
Brava Shola!

Carl Weisbrod – Director of the Department of City Planning/Chair of the City Planning Commission

So many of our board members have worked with Carl Weisbrod over his long and storied career that we could not capture all of their comments here. Suffice to say, that his well-known talent for finding practical solutions to complex problems – as he did for example in his work that helped to transform Times Square and Lower Manhattan – will be invaluable at DCP. His ability to bring together diverse stakeholders in a city known for its vibrant, and sometimes contentious public discourse, is rare – and critical to moving a new planning agenda ahead.

So much depends upon a land use policy that sets out a plan for growth and improvement of the City’s built environment and we very much look forward to Carl taking on these issues.