Our Board of Directors and staff would like to send our deepest congratulations to all of the election’s winners – and wish them great success as they assume their leadership of our diverse and growing city.

Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio

One has to go back all the way to Robert Wagner Sr., who served as Commissioner of the Department of Housing and Buildings, to find an incoming mayor with such extensive housing experience prior to his election.  With his experience at HUD and a lifelong commitment to improving neighborhoods Mr. de Blasio is in an extraordinary position to transform the experience of New Yorkers in the communities where they live.

Public Advocate Letitia James

Tish James’ historic win as the first African-American woman to be elected to a citywide office was a win for us all.  With her vibrant and fearless leadership she will focus the office of the Public Advocate on those issues most in need of transparency and reform. Her independence, commitment, and proven track record as she represented her Brooklyn district in the City Council will now be applied across the city – to the benefit of all New Yorkers.

Comptroller Scott Stringer

His practical approach combined with his expert knowledge of the City’s management, operations, and finances will set a new standard for NYC Comptrollers well into the future.  Always focused on a positive outcome, Scott will ensure that the City’s finances are well managed and that its fiscal future is secure.

Borough Presidents

Ruben Diaz Jr. — Bronx

It was not the power of the incumbent that resulted in Ruben Diaz Jr.’s landslide re-election but rather his solid record as an eloquent and passionate advocate for the Bronx and its people.  At the forefront of campaigns to bring jobs with decent wages, businesses, housing, and cultural experiences to the people of the Bronx, BP Diaz has a proven track record that the voters resoundingly recognized and endorsed.  His next four years will build on his deep knowledge of the Bronx and his commitment to improve the lives of its people.

Eric Adams — Brooklyn

There are few people who combine a background in law enforcement with a passion for community activism – that has been the hallmark of Eric Adams’ public service.  As Borough President, he inherits a transformed Brooklyn which is the center for cutting edge entrepreneurs, vibrant neighborhoods, and some of the city’s most important cultural and educational institutions. We know that his intimate involvement with the people and communities of Brooklyn will be put to work to help improve the lives of those most in need while providing new opportunities for Brooklyn’s future.

Gale Brewer — Manhattan

For those who did not benefit from living in Councilmember Brewer’s district, as our Executive Director Jerilyn Perine did, we can only say that the job of Borough President will be transformed by her election. Hardworking, committed, focused intensely on the needs of her constituents; Gail Brewer redefined the role of an elected official.  As Borough President her thoughtful, collaborative, and responsive work ethic will inspire a new level of creative decision making across Manhattan.

Melinda Katz — Queens

With a deep understanding of her hometown of Queens and a talent for addressing challenging public policy issues, Melinda Katz brings an impressive background to lead NYC’s most diverse and dynamic borough.  Literally a crossroad for the world, Queens has been reshaped by new immigrants, long term residents, and transplants from the rest of the city.  As the future of this borough goes, so goes our City, and it is hard to imagine anyone better suited to be the voice and vision for the new Queens.

James Oddo — Staten Island

Staten Island revels in the success of its home grown talent, and that is exemplified by Jim Oddo’s commitment and continual rise in public service to the borough.  Understanding so well the priorities of the communities that make up Staten Island, Jim has been a tireless advocate for seniors, parents, children, and neighborhoods. He has also championed cutting edge technology to help improve services for everyone on Staten Island.  Staten Islanders, facing new challenges ahead while continuing to rebuild following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, wisely elected the best and the brightest of their extensive home town talent.