City Charter Revision

CHPC’s analysis and stance on the changes to New York City’s governing document that were proposed in 2010.

Following Mayor Bloomberg’s announcement that a new City Charter Revision Commission had been appointed in March 2010, we formed a Charter Revision Sub-committee of our board to put together a position paper on our main priorities in the Charter. Our main focus was to request that the Commission looks into ways to better integrate long-term, citywide planning objectives of PlaNYC within the structure and the processes of New York City government.

The sub-committee was made up of a great mix of developers, architects, planners and affordable housing funders and we met several times, and debated fiercely, in order to bring some diverse voices together on a position paper, and testimony that we could all agree on.


City Charter Revision Position Paper

The CHPC board stands in full support of PlaNYC’s central message: that New York has become a vibrant and prosperous city and, as a result, we will have to accommodate a million more New Yorkers by 2030. Such a population increase will require both an expansion of affordable housing opportunities as well as the need to plan for the City’s growth on a long‐term, citywide basis.

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