We wanted to bring you up to date on our situation since the hurricane. First, our staff are fine. Our offices were not in any way damaged but we still do not have phone or Internet service. We have rigged up some temporary wi-fi but coverage remains spotty. Email and cell phones will reach us all.

As soon as we could, we offered our help to the city government, especially the Department of Housing Preservation & Development. We have been helping the city mobilize the resources of the housing and community development industry to best help those neighborhoods affected by the hurricane sandy. We’re also conducting a number of projects to aid the repair and reconstruction effort. Members of our board have been identifying emergency regulatory changes for the Department of City Planning and the Department of Buildings that could help owners to improve their property affected by the storm and minimize future flooding impacts. We are also recommending ways to fast track large scale renovation and improve property management.

This is work will be ongoing for a while as we have made our team available to help this effort any way possible. Obviously this is an extraordinary calamity that the city faces and we are all honored and fortunate that we have any opportunity to help.