Many of New York City’s basement apartments exist within the gray market, due to the financial and regulatory barriers faced by homeowners wishing to undertake a conversion. Keeping these housing arrangements informal jeopardizes the safety and security of both tenants and homeowners, empowering neither with leasehold rights, and allows for unsafe living conditions. Streamlining a pathway for the conversion of basements into safe, legal apartments would make these arrangements safer and more stable for homeowners and tenants, and add urgently needed housing supply during  a health, economic, and housing crisis.

Regulatory innovation may be the most powerful tool that policymakers have to create housing as we continue to face a global pandemic that has decimated government budgets.

Citizens Housing & Planning Council is excited to release our latest brief listing regulatory actions that can make basement apartment conversions safer, easier, and more affordable.

Regulatory reform recommendations for basement apartment conversions:

Allow cellar occupancy

Create a DOB point of contact

Permit 7′-0″ ceiling height

Issue a partial certificate of occupancy

Regulate glazed area in aggregate rather than by window

Waive parking requirements for subgrade units

Exclude cellars from FAR when converted into a dwelling unit

Consider a two-family home with a subgrade unit as a private dwelling instead of a multiple dwelling

Exempt new multiple dwellings from adequate adjacent space requirement

Abate property taxes to offset tax increase due to conversion

Expand non-metallic piping options for sprinkler systems

Embrace water mist sprinkler systems for residential applications

Create an amnesty program for work that had been previously done on a subgrade unit without a permit

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