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Explore the work of our Green Buildings Committee, which focuses on reforms regarding the regulation of the sustainability of residential buildings.

CHPC’s Green Building Committee comprises architects, energy consultants, engineers, and developers who are all leaders in the field of residential sustainability and have a strong history of working with City officials and the real estate industry to improve regulations that encourage greater sustainability practices in New York City.

Their ongoing work throughout the year involves scrutinizing, analyzing, commenting and testifying on policy and rule changes coming from a variety of government agencies and the committee has already had an important impact on recent regulations and rules. This committee focuses on being a practical resource for government as they continue to add more focus onto this essential component of the built environment.

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Green Housing Ideas in NYC: Encouraging Progress

The good news is that it is getting easier to implement sustainable design in our built environment – and in particular for housing. For the last several years, CHPC has strongly advocated for the removal of regulatory barriers that discourage green development in New York City. Since CHPC issued our Top Ten Green Housing Ideas Discouraged in NYC, we have worked with the real estate community and with the responsible government agencies to support the necessary regulatory changes that now encourage—not discourage—green housing in NYC.

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All Green Buildings Great and Small

Over the last year, we have conducted a wide-ranging industry study looking at the efficacy of the current energy efficiency programs for New York City’s rental housing stock.

The Moreland Commission Report

On June 22nd 2013, the final report from the Moreland Commission on Utility Storm Preparation and Response was released. We found the findings extremely useful and concise, and they support the conclusions that we have been revealing through our Green Building committee work.

Policy Brief on new Green Building Legislation

In December 2009, the City Council passed a number of local laws as part of New York City’s Greener, Greater Buildings Plan. Our green building committee set out a number of ongoing concerns to the City Council, on behalf of the housing development industry, regarding the public policy direction of the new green legislation.

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Steering the New Course

CHPC’s Ideas for Housing and Land Use Policy in New York City

Policy Brief on Proposed City Council Green Building Legislation

At the end of 2010, the City Council put forward a number of legislative items that were related to green building construction. CHPC put together a summary of these numerous bills to inform our green building committee.

Testimony on new DOB rules

In May 2010, the Department of Buildings proposed new rules regarding progress inspections for new construction and compliance with the NYC Energy Conservation Code. Our Green Building Committee analyzed the complication new rules and put forward our detailed recommendations on amended the proposed rules. Our testimony followed a similar theme for CHPC; there should be more focus on incentivizing green construction materials and processes rather than adding to the cost of construction for developers.

Testimony on Green Building Legislation

Testimony of Jerilyn Perine before the New York City Council Environmental Protection Committee on proposed green legislation.

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