Research Projects

For over 80 years, CHPC has conducted cutting-edge, trusted research. Our methodologies combine data analysis, policy analysis, case studies, and interviews. We use the research to put forward practical policy solutions so that the City and the housing industry can better meet the needs of the population.


Making Room

Our flagship research project looks at how demographic change is affecting 'the household' and how housing typologies can to evolve to keep up. Making Room incorporates publications, informatics, symposia, events, exhibitions, video and more.

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Short Term Rentals

Short-Term Rentals

An analysis of how government should adapt to a housing market that includes the fast-growing use of short-term rental platforms.

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Housing Typologies

Basement Apartment Legalization

Research to understand the potential value of basement apartments in the housing market and how to make it easier for more homeowners to rent out a safe and lawful apartment in the basement of their homes.

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Cost of Housing: Management & Preservation

Home Price Index

An running, regularly updated analysis of the Case-Schiller Home Price Index, which tracks the rise and fall of single family home prices, and where New York falls amidst ongoing trends.

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Cost of Housing: Construction

Private Activity Bond Financing

A research project to shed light on the inner workings of tax-exempt private activity bond financing and propose a series of recommendations to improve the allocation of bonds to support housing development.

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Making Neighborhoods

Fabulous interactive maps using an innovative analysis of census data allows us to track the movement of demographic “clusters” around NYC--and now, the whole metro region.

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Green Buildings

Green Buildings

The work of our Green Buildings Committee, which focuses on the reforms in New York and nationally regarding the regulation of the sustainability of residential buildings.

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Inside the Rent

An interactive game that explains the costs and role of government in building new rental housing in New York City.

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Land Use & Zoning

Building Envelope Conundrum

A case-study examination of the hurdles in NYC’s zoning and housing regulations that prevent buildings from reaching their full potential as prescribed, creating an inefficiency that robs the city’s housing stock of units.

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