Since 1937, CHPC has published respected research publications that help illuminate how New York City's housing stock and neighborhoods can better meet the needs of its population.


The Moreland Commission Report

CHPC published the report in June 2013 to determine if the overlap of a state agency (NYSERDA) and the private sector - that partially competed for the same market - was efficient and if the oversight by the Public Service Commission of a sister agency and the investor owned utilities was appropriately applied. The findings extremely useful and concise, and they support the conclusions that we have been revealing through our Green Building committee work.

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Flood Resilience Zoning Text Amendment

CHPC has been committed to collaboratively working with the city in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and the CHPC Board has provided advice and recommendations to the Dept. of City Planning concerning the regulatory changes needed to facilitate flood-resilient post-disaster reconstruction and planning.

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Inside Edge: the future of J-51

The New York State law that authorizes the J-51 tax incentive program expired on December 31, 2011. In this Inside Edge we discuss how HPD’s proposed solutions address these problems and what alternatives there might be.

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J-51 and Gentrification

The J‑51 tax incentive program, the most successful housing rehabilitation program in New York City history, expired on December 31, 2011. It will be up to the New York State legislature to decide to renew the program and under what terms.

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Neighborhood Impacts of Overmortgaged Buildings

This CHPC study reveals that over-mortgaged and foreclosed multifamily buildings increase the risk of deterioration of nearby buildings and raise costs for private owners and New York City in the form of additional Emergency Repair Program (ERP) expenditures.

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The Future of Real Estate Tax Exemptions

The importance of real estate tax incentives in New York City are widely understood across the housing and urban planning industry. However, as New York City’s need for real estate tax revenue increases, the benefits of tax exemption programs are subject to increasing scrutiny.

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CHPC Op-Ed in the Jerusalem Post

In response to the July 2011 uprising in Israel about the lack of affordable housing, Julie Sandorf, the President of the Charles H. Revson Foundation and Jerilyn Perine, Executive Director of CHPC, co-authored an op-ed in the Jerusalem Post in September 2011 about the lessons that Israel could learn from New York’s approach to affordable housing.

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Out of Sight, Out of Control

This edition of Inside Edge takes a detailed look at the housing policy circumstances around a deadly fire at 2321 Prospect Avenue; a three family house, in the Belmont neighborhood of the Bronx.

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“Making Room”: Why Should We Care?

One of the many ironies of life in New York City is that, in a place where people are obsessed with real estate, housing, and the ensuing discussions about what people have, who has a good deal, and what they pay for it, there is little discussion or even awareness of New York City’s housing standards. And yet it is housing standards that largely determine who lives where and how much they pay for it.

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