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CHPC’s expertise has been valued for over 70 years and our non-partisan analysis and opinion features widely in the media. You can read all of our latest press mentions here.

New York City Pushes New Design Approach For Affordable Housing Units

The Wall Street Journal - Laura Kusisto, February 20, 2015

With the changes announced to the city’s zoning laws on Friday, Citizens’s Housing & Planning Council report “The Building Envelope Conundrum” is again  in the news. The study was conducted by our Deputy Executive Director, Sarah Watson and President Mark Ginsberg.

City Housing Rules Examined

The Wall Street Journal - Laura Kusisto, February 20, 2015

The practice of setting aside half of lower rent units in new developments for local residents is coming under scrutiny of Fair Housing advocates. They are looking into whether this is a violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act which does not allow agencies who receive federal funding from any form of discrimination. Citizens Housing & Planning Council’s Executive Director Jerilyn Perine had this to say on the issue. “People in communities who take a stand to make it better, aren’t these the people we want to have remain?”

Home Shrunken Home, Micro-Apartments, Tiny Homes Prefabricated In Brooklyn

The New York Times - Natalie Shutler, February 20, 2015

My Micro NY made of prefabricated modular units built at the Brooklyn Navy Yard will be stacked into place this spring. The apartments will come with kitchenettes, wheelchair-accessible bathroom, and other amenities.  Sarah Watson, Deputy Executive Director of Citizens Housing & Planning Council is optimistic that with new zoning changes, micro apartments will gain firm footing in New York over time.

Sunnyside Yards Development Will Be Costly and Time-Consuming, Experts Say

DNAinfo - Jeanmarie Evelly, February 19, 2015

The mayor’s plan of building affordable apartments over the track at Sunnyside Yards in Queens has experts weighing in on the idea. Executive Director of Citizens Housing and Planning Council, Jerilyn Perine felt this was an idea worth exploring “I’m not saying that it is not complicated – I’m sure that there are many, many technical issues of course.” She also added that the city had done projects of this magnitude before.

Report Criticizes System for Tax-Exempt Bonds

The Wall Street Journal - Laura Kusisto, February 2, 2015

In a new report called Pump Up the Volume, Citizens Housing and Planning Council exposes the flaws in the states system of distributing tax exempt bonds. According to Daniel Parcerisas, policy analyst at the organization “it creates uncertainty.”

Could Vacant Parking Lots Offer An Alternative Urban Living Environment?

Nuwire Investor - Melanie Luff, January 28, 2015

The need for more affordable housing in urban areas has led to city dwellers coming up with more affordable options for living in cities. As Sarah Watson, Deputy Director of Citizens Housing & Planning Council advised in an interview “Cities need to move beyond old-fashioned ideas of what they think people need, and look into alternatives.”

Inequality and Informality in New York: SITU Studio’s Proposal for MoMA’s Uneven Growth Exhibition

arch daily-Sarah Wessler, January 19, 2015

In compiling their contribution to MoMa’s exhibition “Uneven Growth”, SITU Studio revealed they relied on discussions with housing industry expert Citizens Housing & Planning Council.


By Highlighting Gains in Affordable Housing, de Blasio Raises a Counting Question

New York Times - Mireya Navarro - January 15, 2015

Executive Director, Jerilyn Perine commenting on the administration’s first year numbers to preserve affordable housing in the city. “The first year is hard, they’re trying to get new programs of the ground and at the same time not trying to kill everything already in the pipeline.”

Battle looms over NYC rent stabilization law

amny, Ivan Pereira, January 11, 2015

As the expiration of the Urstadt Law of 1971 draws close, experts of the housing industry are expecting a battle. Harold Shultz,Citizens Housing & Planning Council’s consultant is quoted in an article on the topic.

Inequality and informality in New York

Arup Connect, Sarah Wesseler, January 9, 2015

How did you decide to focus on this particular issue? Housing in New York is such a complex topic; you could spend a lifetime studying it.

Exactly, and that’s why we chose a very specific component to address here. We started our research by talking to experts on housing and housing advocacy; CHPC [Citizens Housing Planning Council] was a hugely important conversation. We could have gone in a lot of different directions, but we felt like we became aware of something which there was an urgency around and that very much related to this question of unevenness and informality.

New #ThingsGentrifiersDo Hashtag Brings Humor to an Issue That Infuriates Many Black People

Atlanta Black Star, Nick Chiles, January 8, 2015

A hashtag created earlier this week has brought some humor to the topic of gentrification while noting Citizens Housing and Planning Council study that was published .in November last year. The creator connected it to a questionnaire that was published on Curbed called ” Has your neighborhood become gentrified?”

The American Community Survey

November 17, 2014

SITU’s contribution to the MOMA’s exhibition Uneven Growth focusing on the housing crisis in New York was done in collaboration with  Citizens Housing & Planing Council and our Making Room Household Model.