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This Online Game Let’s You Build Affordable Housing in NYC

Brooklyn Magazine, Sam Blum, June 10, 2015

The game is called Inside the Rent, and it lets you play the role of developer, construction foreman and superintendent. The game intends to elucidate how various things like neighborhood location and construction costs affect the price of rent.

Play “Inside The Rent” and bring affordable housing to Brookyln

Chis Inoa, Brokelyn, June 5, 2015

There are no head-shots, power ups or gold rings to collect , the object of the game is to educate you on the troubles and cost it takes to develop housing in NYC. It’s like Math Blaster for real estate nerds.

Play “Inside the Rent”, and become a virtual developer in NYC

Amelia Taylor-Hochberg, Archinect, June 10, 2015

The rent is too damn high, but so are a lot of other development costs. In this simulation game by NYC’s Citizens Housing Planning Council, players go through the steps of planning a NYC rental in the current economic climate – complete with housing shortage and gentrifying neighborhoods.

New York Today: Gaming the Housing System

The New York Times, Tatiana Schlossberg, July 9, 2015

The Citizens Housing and Planning Council, a nonprofit advocacy group, launched “Inside the Rent” last week.

You play the part of a fictional developer, trying to estimate rents for apartments that are both suitable for the neighborhood and that leave you debt-free.

Fancy being a developer? Take a crack at a virtual rental

The Real Deal-Claire Moses, June 5, 2015

The Citizens Housing & Planning Council launched Inside the Rent, a game that hopes to educate its players about the challenges and pitfalls of developing an apartment building in the city. Explaining the reason for developing the game Deputy Executive Director, Sarah Watson concluded, ‘educating people is the most value you can add to public housing policy.’

Develop a Virtual Rental Building-and Just Try to Break Even

Curbed, Wesley Yiin, June 5, 2015

The game “Inside the Rent,” aimed at educating renters of the challenges of constructing a new building in New York has been launched by Citizens Housing & Planning Council. Deputy Executive Director, Sarah Watson explained “the goal of CHPC and the game is to educate. Educating people is the most value you can add to public housing policy.”

NY City Officials Join Monadnock Development & Partners to Begin Stacking Modules for First Micro-Apartments

Real Estate Rama - May 21, 2015

“With an innovative collaboration between NYCHPD, an outstanding development team and a city eager for new ideas this building will begin a new era in a diversified housing market.”  Executive Director of Citizens Housing & Planning Council, Jerilyn Perine speaking yesterday at the stacking of the first modules of the micro unit builiding in Carmel Place.

De Blasio Administration Unveils NextGeneration NYCHA: A Comprehensive Plan to Secure The Future of City

Real Estate Rama - May 19, 2015

Commenting on the mayor’s announcement to restructure and stabilize the crisis facing NYCHA, Executive Director of Citizens Housing & Planning Council Jerilyn Perine stated “It is never easy, but this plan gives public housing the best chance to succeed.” Ms Perine was a guest at the press conference.

Bond Allocation Tweaks Could Aid de Blasio Housing Plan

Bond Buyer - Paul Burton, May 14, 2015

Speaking at the annual New York State Association for Affordable Housing Conference on Wednesday, policy analyst at Citizens Housing and Planning Council Daniel Parcerisas gave the benefits of overhauling the private activity bond allocation process. “Our research shows that multifamily housing makes for the best use of private activity bonds”, he said, citing the report “Pump Up The Volume” which was put out by the organization

Micro-apartments, anyone?

Abs-Cbn news - Brigette Dussseau, May 10, 2015

New York’s housing regulations, designed to prohibit the construction of apartments smaller than 37 square meters were waived for the construction of a micro housing apartment building. The building will be ready for occupancy in the fall. “The regulation does not correspond to the needs of the people today,” says Sarah Watson, deputy director of the Citizens Housing & Planing Council.

Micro-apartments: a new concept in New York

Daily Mail - AFP, May 5, 2015

At the Brooklyn Navy Yard, workers are busy putting together the finishing touches on the micro-apartments former Mayor Mike Bloomberg waived zoning regulations to have constructed. Speaking on the issue, Sarah Watson, Citizens Housing & Planning Council Deputy Director noted  “the regulation does not correspond to the needs of people today.  Supply mismatches demand.”

The Basement Solution

NY City Lens, Shengying Zhao on April 27, 2015

“It is hard to estimate exactly how many [illegal] basements can be conversed to meet the official standards because it very much depends on the design of the house, size, and structure of the basements,” said Sarah Watson, Deputy Director at Citizens Housing & Planning Council.

Watson outlined the regulatory barriers that impede the development of smaller, denser units: complicated building codes, confusing density regulations, and challenging procedural requirements to add an accessory dwelling units, including high permit costs and long-waiting time. “Local regulations in singe-family residential areas are designed to prevent the creation of any additional dwelling units,” Brown said.