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In NYC’s Ultra-Pricey Rental Market, Supply and Demand Doesn’t Mean a Thing - Jamie Wiebe, July 8, 2015

The supply of apartments being built in the city seems to be on the rise, however most of the new inventory does not fall into the affordable housing category. Deputy Executive Director of Citizens Housing & Planning Council Sarah Watson believes loosening government regulations would allow smaller developers to build a wider variety of housing.

Group Challenges New York City on Housing Allocation

The Wall Street Journal - Corinne Ramey & Laura Kusisto, July 7, 2015

Community preference is being threatened with the filing of a lawsuit by a fair-housing group. According to Jerilyn Perine, Executive Director of the housing research organization Citizens Housing and Planning Council “Community preference was born to make sure that people who were living in not-great conditions, in neighborhoods that were struggling, had an opportunity to take advantage of the improvements that were happening.”

Sunday Funday: Game Simulates the Development Experience

Planetizen - Philip Rojc, June 28, 2015

The game Inside the Rent created by Citizens Housing and Planning Council allows players to take the reins on a hypothetical housing development. A representative of CHPC emphasized that “Not enough people know exactly how construction costs and rent relate to each other-and this includes those who are making crucial decisions on housing policy”

New York’s Modular Micro Unit Building Is Fully Stacked

Curbed - Jessica Dailey, June 29, 2015

The units have all been stacked! The first city backed micro apartment complex is on target to be completed and ready for occupancy for the end of the year.

Should AirBnb Be Allowed to Continue Operations In New York And San Francisco?

Digital Trends - Lulu Chang, June 17, 2015

The discussions continue on the future of Airbnbs following the New York Times Opinion Page where Deputy Director, Sarah Watson stressed the importance of focusing on roommate sharing in high density areas.

This Game Lets You Tackle the Challenges of Planning Affordable Housing in NYC

Habitat, June 19, 2015

It’s a bit more niche than SimCity, but if you play “Inside the Rent,” you’ll be setting up “a sustainable first-year rent for two-bedroom apartments in a hypothetical building by adjusting expense variables,” according to DNAinfo. Created by Citizens Housing Planning Council, a New York City nonprofit research and education organization, with help from the cartography firm VanDam Media, the game reportedly pulls numbers from real housing scenarios in Morrisania, Stapleton, Jamaica, Mott Haven, East New York, Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, East Harlem, Harlem, Astoria, Long Island City, Downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg, and the Lower East Side.

Does This Game Make Planning Affordable Housing Fun?

DNAinfo - Emilie Ruscoe, June 18, 2015

Its not Grand Theft Auto, but the game Inside the Rent created by Citizens Housing and Planing Council would be interested to anyone who has ever felt curious about the expenses associated with planning affordable housing in New York City.

Think the rent’s too high? Try your hand at managing a landlord’s budget

Greater Greater Washington - Payton Chung, June 16, 2015

Citizens Housing & Planning Council game, Inside the Rent has sparked conversation and examination of construction costs not only in New York but the Washington, DC area as well.

Encourage the use of Extra Space for Roommates

The New York Times - Sarah Watson, June 16, 2015

Citizens Housing & Planning Council Deputy Director, Sarah Watson weighs in on the issues surrounding Airbnb.

Encourage the Use of Extra Space for Roommates

New York Times, Sarah Watson, June 16, 2015

In vibrant cities like San Francisco and New York where demand for apartments is great and housing arrangements are varied, informal vacation rentals affect the market in different ways. A homeowner occasionally renting out a spare room to tourists in a moderately priced neighborhood will have a different impact than a landlord who is renting out numerous apartments to tourists in a neighborhood with rising rents.

A New Game Examines Why, Exactly, The Rent is So Damn High

CityLab, Jessica Leigh Hester, June 12, 2015

According to one estimate, a worker would have to make nearly $26 per hour in order to rent a two-bedroom apartment in New York City. Land is expensive, and demand is relentless, sure. But why is the rent so high, and how does it differ by neighborhood? Inside the Rent, a new game from the non-profit Citizens Housing Planning Council, aims to shed some light on how the costs add up. Get ready to play.

Play Inside the Rent: The Housing System of New York in a Game

VGloggers, Shariq Amin, June 10, 2015

From tax regulations, renter regulation and laws, housing requirement and insight on the city’s housing crunch, this game educates you on all subjects. The game is launched byCitizens Housing and Planning Council.