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CHPC’s expertise has been valued for over 70 years and our non-partisan analysis and opinion features widely in the media. You can read all of our latest press mentions here.

MAP: What Are Your Chances of Winning an Affordable Housing Lottery?

Amy Zimmer and Nigel Chiwaya, October 27, 2015, DNA Info,

“Providing three-bedroom apartments when demand is overwhelmingly concentrated in smaller than that might not be the best use of a scarce resource,” Jerilyn Perine, a former HPD commissioner who now heads the Citizens Housing Planning Council,“Many more people need studios and one-bedrooms, which is not surprising given the population of single adults.”

De Blasio going big on small apartments

Ariel Stulberg, The Read Deal, Oct 26 2015

“You can’t deny the data,” Sarah Watson, deputy director of the Citizens Housing and Planning Council, told Crain’s. “This mismatch causes all sorts of economic distortions.”

NYC May Be Getting Even More Micro Apartments

Curbed - Evan Bindelglass, October 25, 2015

With almost 50% of the city population classified as singles, the Zoning for Quality and Affordability report currently under review recommends relaxing density caps and eliminating the 400-square-foot minimum for studio apartments. The idea behind relaxing the the caps isn’t increasing the number of buildings but changing how the existing one are carved up. Commenting on the issue, Citizens Housing and Planning Council deputy director  Sarah Watson remarked “It’s far better to do this in an upfront way and allow denser housing rather than having hidden density on the inside of these buildings.”

Good news for singles who don’t want roommates: More tiny apartments are on the way

Crains New York - Joe Anuta, October 23, 2015

The Zoning for Quality and Affordability Proposal currently being reviewed has two changes geared toward tackling a problem housing advocates have been focused on for years. Nearly half of the city’s population is estimated to be single persons yet only 7% of the housing stock is made up of studios and 35% one-bedrooms. “You can’t deny the data,” said Sarah Watson, deputy director of Citizens Housing and Planning Council, “this mismatch causes all sorts of economic distortions.”

Look Who’s Talking: Check out CoAD’s 2015 Fall Lecture Series Lineup

NJIT News Room - October 8, 2015

The College of Architecture and Design fall lecture series is back and look who’s a part of the line-up, CHPC’s Deputy Director Sarah Watson who will be presenting on October 19. The topic, “Making Room: A New Approach to Housing Choice.”

Richard Roberts Joins Housing Partnership Board

MHN Online - October 2, 2015

Congratulations to our Board Chairman, Richard Robertson his new appointment! He has been elected to the board of Directors of the Housing Partnership Development Corporation.

Short vs. long term rentals are on a lot of minds

Woodstock Times - Paul Smart, September 20, 2015

Is AirBnB having an effect on areas outside the city also? The jury is still out. However, according to Sarah Watson, deputy director of Citizens Housing & Planning Council “we know that the rise of informal vacation rentals in high-demand cities has an impact on housing supply even if we can’t quantify it perfectly yet.”

Yo! Home: Rise of the transformer house

CNN Style - Kieron Monks, September 22, 2015

Changing lifestyles and the demand for housing in urban areas has made the ideas of micro and transformable apartments very attractive  “The demand for housing is not abating, so thinking about density and efficiency is key”, says Sarah Watson deputy director at Citizens Housing & Planning Council. 

Early Bird Pricing Ending for National Property Tax Lien Conference in NYC

New York Press Release- September 9, 2015

Consultant with Citizens Housing & Planning Council Harold Shultz, will be taking part in the upcoming Symposium. NTLA Symposium 2015 is for investors seeking guidance in a specific state, established lenders or tax lien attorneys looking to discuss details on the latest laws and regulations, servicers or data providers looking to innovate and grow, or local government tax collectors aiming to bring value to your county property tax department.


Most of DC’s new housing is in high-rises, which most people can’t afford to live in

Greater Greater Washington - Payton Chung, September 9, 2015

Inside the Rent, which was created by CHPC to look at the different factors affecting the cost of housing has been used as a tool to determine the cost of apartments in the D C area. Even with the cost of land, construction and property taxes much lower than the New York area, the price of a new two bedroom apartment would average over $3,000.00.

How the Common Construction Wage Affects the Cost and Quality of Construction Projects

The Heritage Foundation - James Sherk, July 24, 2015

Testifying before the Indiana State Senate earlier this year, James Shrek of the Heritage Foundation used data from our research on prevaling wages to show the impact it has on the construction and rental costs of low-income houses.

Do Taller Building Have to Mean Darker Streets?

Next City - Sarah Laskow, July 20,2015

The Department of City Planning has been working on the first serious update of the city’s zoning code since the 1980s. The report the Building Envelope Conundrum put out by the Citizens Housing and Planning Council last summer is being looked at by the department as they go about making changes.