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Making Neighborhoods is an initiative that rethinks the way we approach NYC neighborhoods by utilizing demographic information to measure change.

CHPC’s Making Neighborhoods project follows neighborhood change across the city by putting people at the center of analysis. Our work measures and visualizes the movements of groups of New Yorkers who share demographic characteristics.

The project uses cluster analysis methodology–common in economic or marketing studies–to identify 14 distinct demographic groups, or “population clusters,” in 2000 and follow their locations in 2010. By comparing the two years, we can see which population types grew in number or geographic size, or moved into new areas; if their numbers declined or they retreated from their neighborhoods and were replaced by others; or if groups’ locations remained relatively unchanged in a decade. By following groups of people with shared characteristics, we see a different portrait of a changing city. It is one that New Yorkers will recognize, as it reflects the neighborhoods they make for themselves.


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  • Making Neighborhoods Research Assistant

    Making Neighborhoods Research Assistant

    The project

    Making Neighborhoods is an initiative of the Citizens Housing & Planning Council (CHPC) to rethink how we approach New York City neighborhoods. Making Neighborhoods measures change by using demographic information—rather than arbitrary, government-drawn boundaries—to define neighborhoods.

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  • Breakfast Launch Event: Making Neighborhoods

    MN banner image

    Citizens Housing & Planning Council has undertaken a study that measures neighborhood change across New York City by putting people at the center of its analysis. The result is a dynamic interactive map that will change the way you think about the places you live and work.

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Spotlight on Washington Heights

A summer afternoon on St. Nicholas Avenue. Image: CHPCA summer afternoon on St. Nicholas Avenue. Image: CHPC

CHPC’s Making Neighborhoods study of demographic change in New York City offers a unique way to look at the city’s neighborhoods. Rather than identifying neighborhoods by a single trait—race, income, education level, and so on—the Making Neighborhoods data model uses a cluster analysis method to perform an intersectional study comparing the 2010 decennial census to the 2000 data.

In this series of Spotlights, we take a deeper dive into specific neighborhoods where noteworthy changes took place. Our first Spotlight neighborhood is Washington Heights, located at the northern end of Manhattan, a …

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Making Neighborhoods – Breakfast Launch

On Wednesday, November 5, CHPC and the New York State Association for Affordable Housing (NYSAFAH) held an event to launch CHPC’s Making Neighborhoods project. The event was a success, generating buzz about our work and how we can apply our beautiful interactive mapping tool to the housing industry and government policy.

2014-11-05 08.47 edited

At the event, CHPC presented the major takeaways from its study of demographic change between 2000 and 2010. We also walked the audience—a range of housing developers, urban planners, architects, and government agencies—through the methods of the research and why this work is unique among neighborhood-level research currently being …

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