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Making Neighborhoods


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On Wednesday, November 5, 2014, CHPC launched its Making Neighborhoods project, which follows change across the city by putting people at the center of analysis. Our work measures and visualizes the movements of groups of New Yorkers who share demographic characteristics.

The project uses cluster analysis methodology–common in economic or marketing studies–to identify 14 distinct demographic groups, or “population clusters,” in 2000 and follow their locations in 2010. By comparing the two years, we can see which population types grew in number or geographic size, or moved into …

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Breakfast Launch Event: Making Neighborhoods

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Citizens Housing & Planning Council has undertaken a study that measures neighborhood change across New York City by putting people at the center of its analysis. The result is a dynamic interactive map that will change the way you think about the places you live and work.

When: Wednesday, November 5 at 8:00am
Where: Citibank, 388 Greenwich St., New York, NY 10013

RSVP to Elizabeth Rossi by Monday, November 3.

CHPC and lead researcher Raisa Bahchieva identified 14 groups that share demographic characteristics using cluster analysis techniques. These population “clusters” emerged because they shared similar household type, race, income, age, …

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Request for Proposals for Data Visualization

About Us:

Citizens Housing & Planning Council is a nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to housing policy and urban planning in New York City since 1937. We are a Council of leading professionals from every industry involved in shaping the residential built environment. We work together to advance practical public policies by better understanding New York City’s most pressing housing and neighborhood needs.

Our Project:

New York City Neighborhoods in Transition studies how neighborhood settlement patterns between demographic groups are changing across all five boroughs from 2000-2010. We have created a new template for measuring demographic change by using …

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