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Places of Change: Transitional Shelter to Permanent Resource

Last Friday, October 25th, over 20 experts on homeless policy, government, finance, architecture, and the hospitality industry came together for an engaging roundtable discussion, “Places of Change: Transitional Shelter to Permanent Resource.” This was a unique opportunity for those assembled to draw across experience and industry to rethink shelter design.

Chef Christopher Bradley discusses shared dining options.Chef Christopher Bradley discusses shared dining options.

The question at the heart of the discussion was; “How can more flexible facilities be designed as resources to the city, those in need, and the communities where they are located?”

Inspired by CHPC’s Making Room project, DHS staff considered facility design ideas …

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Board Members

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NYC Behind National Increase

New York City continues to lag the national increase in home sale prices. While the NYC metro area posted its first positive seasonally adjusted increase in three months, the non seasonally adjusted numbers show continuing decline. The nation as a whole is much more positive with the national 10 city index showing an increase of  0.9% to NYC’s 0.2%. For the one year, year over year changes NYC is still the only metro area in the US showing a decline.


Summary CSHomePrice_History_Jan1987toDec2012WebVersion

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Case Shiller Up Again, Though NY Metro Dips

Nationally the seasonally adjusted Case Shiller Index has shown its eighth consecutive monthly gain, rising 0.3% from August 2012 to September 2012. The not so good news is that the New York metro area showed a -0.1% decline for the same period and is still -2.3% below its standing of 12 months ago.

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Case Shiller National Index Declines for September

The release of the Case Shiller Home Price Index shows a 1.2% decline in the seasonally adjusted index for the month to month change from August to September 2011 and a trivial increase of 0.1% in the unadjusted number. The New York metro area also showed a trivial improvement of 0.2% in the seasonally adjusted number and 0.1% in the non adjusted number. Nationally these results bring us back to home price levels of approximately early 2003 and brings New York back to about mid 2004.

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CHPC Annual Trip to the Brooklyn Cyclones!

Every year, CHPC staff and board members visit the Brooklyn Cyclones in Coney Island to see the best local baseball team around! Contact Marsha if you’re interested in attending.…

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