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Housing exhibition features Inside the Rent

MCNY aff. housing promotional

The Museum of the City of New York will open its latest exhibition Thursday, Affordable New York: A Housing Legacy, co-sponsored by CHPC.

The exhibition will display numerous original materials from CHPC’s Marian Sameth and Ruth Dickler Archives and Library, and visitors will also be able to play CHPC’s Inside the Rent game on its very own terminal. The game has been revamped for the occasion with improved graphics and functionality!

An opening symposium will kick off the exhibition featuring former Congressman Berney Frank, CHPC Board Chair Richard Roberts and CHPC Board Member Ron Moelis, among other guests.…

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Inside the Rent revamped!

ipad imageCHPC is excited to announce the release of Inside the Rent v.2, a revamped version of our game that shows the cost of building new rental housing in New York City. Since its release last June Inside the Rent has attracted over 15,000 views and extensive media coverage. We have also received useful feedback that we have used to improve the game in this new version.

In addition to getting a design make-over, the game has been optimized for display on tablets as well as desktops and mobile phones. Players will also find the new version easier to …

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Inside the Rent views reach 15,000

We are incredibly excited to announce that Inside the Rent has reached 15,000 views since the game was released in June! CHPC designed the game to educate players about the cost of building new rental housing in a fun and interactive way.

Inside the Rent has also received positive press coverage in numerous media outlets:

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Inside the Rent: methodology and assumptions

The Inside the Rent model is built upon a simplified development and first-year operating budget and relies on a series of assumptions, which we have researched, contrasted and vetted thoroughly with a wide array of industry professionals. The model first uses these assumptions to calculate the total development cost based on the options selected by the player. It then calculates the net operating income (NOI) required for the building, and adds operating expenses in order to solve for the necessary rent required for the building to be financially sustainable through its first year of operations.

The model initially assumes that …

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Play Inside the Rent Now!

Click here for the game!


CHPC is thrilled to release Inside the Renta new web-based game for desktops and mobile devices that allows users to explore why rents in New York City are so high. The game is designed to raise the player’s awareness about the challenges of building new rental housing without government intervention. With the imminent expiration of the 421-a property tax abatement legislation, questions about the cost of rental housing and the impact of tax abatements and other government subsidies are more relevant than ever.

Inside the Rent gives players a first-person experience of building …

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Revisit: Prevailing Wage Report


As time goes on, we continue to see the increased importance of considering how prevailing wage could affect affordable housing. In 2008, CHPC released a report called Prevailing Wisdom:The Potential Impact of Prevailing Wages. It includes analysis of existing studies, applicable data sets, and incorporation of information from a small sample of affordable housing projects in NYC.

Our main conclusion is that a requirement to pay prevailing wages reduces the amount and affordability of subsidized housing, while doing little to improve the real problems faced by workers in the construction industry in general.

The report makes the following recommendations:

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