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Carmel Place, New York’s First Modular Micro Building, Stacks First Unit

It was a beautiful morning in Kips Bay today, when the first modular unit of New York’s first micro unit building was stacked into place.  The foundation was already in place at 335 E. 27th Street, and what was once called My Micro NY will now be known as Carmel Place.   In 2010, CHPC undertook Making Room, a look into the changing demands of New York City’s housing market. We found that 47% of New Yorkers over 25 do not live with a spouse or partner, and today we see that 1 or 2 person households account for 62% of …

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Making Sense of Term Sheets

termHPD and HDC recently released new term sheets outlining their new housing programs. The term sheets reflect the administration’s housing policy goals, such as broadening the range of incomes served through affordable housing programs and increasing the number of units that are set aside for homeless households. There is also a strong focus on cost containment and reducing the amount of subsidy per unit in order to stretch existing resources, as well as encouraging more competition among developers.

CHPC has prepared a summary of the new term sheets which allows users to view their main characteristics side by side and …

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Housing New York plan is announced



CHPC Executive Director Jerilyn Perine joined Mayor Bill de Blasio and other government officials in Downtown Brooklyn this morning for the release of the mayor’s Housing New York plan. We were so pleased to be invited to share our thoughts and congratulations at the announcement of the plan (which are copied below).

CHPC is excited to work with the mayoral administration and City agencies to advance practical policies to improve neighborhoods in all five boroughs. We applaud the inclusion of several of the plan’s proposals that CHPC has spent the past few years working on and compiled in our …

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Steering the New Course: policy ideas for the new administration


CHPC’s Ideas for Housing and Land Use Policy in New York City

With so much political change in New York this year, we felt that it was important to set out our suggestions and priorities for housing and land use policy based on all of CHPC’s work over recent years. We always aim to be a resource for decision-makers inside and outside of government – to help them to understand NYC’s most pressing housing and neighborhood issues, think through the real impact of policy on the three-dimensional built environment, and map out realistic policy steps for …

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Congratulations to our friends and colleagues!



We send our deepest congratulations to our friends and colleagues with new pivotal roles in the De Blasio administration:

Alicia Glen, Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development

For the staff and board of directors of CHPC, Alicia Glen’s appointment as Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development …is bittersweet.

Sadly, it means we lose a valued board member who served as chair of our subcommittee on Rethinking Public Housing, contributed to our ongoing work evaluating the use of private activity bonds (final report expected in March 2014), and was our first recipient of the Impact Award for

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Making Room…in Atlanta

Georgia Tech Review Team

One of the highlights of 2013  – a year jam-packed full of landmark moments for CHPC – has been working with the Georgia Tech School of Architecture in the development of a design + research studio for graduate students entitled 21st Century Housing: Making Room in the Contemporary City.

The studio, headed by Associate Professor and Architect Michael Gamble, challenges student teams to put together full design proposals for mixed residential/commercial developments that incorporate high-performance active and passive energy systems. The brief is already extremely challenging. They have to conduct their own site selection–picking sites that are not only …

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