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Steering the New Course: policy ideas for the new administration


CHPC’s Ideas for Housing and Land Use Policy in New York City

With so much political change in New York this year, we felt that it was important to set out our suggestions and priorities for housing and land use policy based on all of CHPC’s work over recent years. We always aim to be a resource for decision-makers inside and outside of government – to help them to understand NYC’s most pressing housing and neighborhood issues, think through the real impact of policy on the three-dimensional built environment, and map out realistic policy steps for …

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Bloomberg & Quinn announce new approach to illegal conversions

Approach to illegal conversions

Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Quinn have announced a new approach to target illegal conversions this week.

We are delighted that it includes many of the policy proposals put forward  in CHPC’s Making Room advocacy project, including a cross-agency initiative that will result in recommendations for legal home conversions, shared housing, and micro-units.

We applaud the Mayor’s effort to address not just the enforcement issues, but the underlying problems in the housing market which CHPC has been focusing on.

You can read the press release in full here.

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Festival of Ideas for the New City

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On Saturday, the sunny Bowery was host to the StreetFest portion of the first annual Festival of Ideas for the New City; a four day initiative spearheaded by the New Museum serving as a platform for artists, architects, and designers to exchange ideas, propose solutions, create new problems, and invite the public to participate in improving urban life.

CHPC partners, the Architectural League, took up residence in a stall on Rivington Street to promote a poster campaign which takes ideas that they have featured over the past two years on their Urban Omnibus website and distills them down to …

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Fires and Illegal Occupancy

The site of a deadly fire in the Bronx last weekend at 2321 Prospect Avenue.

Fires have long plagued the housing stock of NYC and our extensive housing, building and fire codes have been a model to improve fire safety in residential buildings. However, as more and more people are unable to find legal and safe accommodations they resort to living in spaces that do not meet the minimum safety requirements: households living in spaces not legal for residential use and households living in spaces that are utilized in ways that are not permitted.

Illegal occupancy can result in loss of life due to fires occurring where escape routes are blocked and/or illegal partitions are …

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Illegal Occupancy Report

In this report, we partnered with Chhaya CDC, a community based organization working with new immigrants in the borough of Queens to estimate the number of such units in two specific geographic regions and to assess the potential for owners to legalize existing units. The survey tool was developed using the Census Bureau’s triannual Housing and Vacancy Survey of New York City, thereby allowing comparability testing against the results. Additionally, the survey sought to provide insight into the current safety conditions of secondary basement units and assess the amount of work that would be needed to bring units up …

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