About Us

Our Mission

CHPC’s mission, since 1937, is to develop and advance practical public policies to support the housing stock of the city by better understanding New York’s most pressing housing and neighborhood needs.

Who We Are

We are a Council of 90 leading professionals from every industry involved in housing development and management across the city, supported by an expert research staff.

What We Do

Our agenda is practical, not political. Our research always begins with questions, not answers. It is the data, our analysis, and its relevance to the real world, that drive our conclusions. Our goal is to help decision-makers, inside and outside of government and to map out realistic steps that can result in positive change for the housing stock and the neighborhoods of New York City.

Not-for-profit organizations in New York State are no longer able to include the word “Council” in their names because they could be confused with a function of government. Our Council’s name is grandfathered in because of its age – and we are proud of its clear connotation as a community of people coming together to share ideas and shape practical solutions to help government and the housing industry ensure that our housing continues to meet the needs of our City’s residents.